Troubles in Karolak

Captives and Dealings

Paul makes a deal for himself to get a familiar summoned for him by House Narcosa
as part of the ransom of the 2 wizards from House Narcosa.

The 2 wizards are forced to foreswear revenge on anyone in the group.

1) Someone snuck into the NArcosa guild and stole the idol
2) Thieves tracked to a rented location – no trace of renters
3) Gentleman had a blue rose symbol – obscure domination order
4) Narcosa says their efforts have nothing to do with the collapsing of the old KArolak district accident – they were able to find a lead in all that though.
5) Undead! Zombies

Map: 3 N-S sewer tunnels, middle one leading to area collapsed – path from warehouse in old docks. Collapsed west, but easy into darkness…

Clear Symbol – some domination guild or order in Karloak, origins are a Sea King magus order!
Blue Rose on pottery fragments

Agents of Narcosa
Uncoverend Ruins
Under Karolak

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