Bedford Goslin

Witch-Finder for the Order of the Stone Hand


Physical: 29 years, male, half elf, 5’4", 120#, right handed, bound ears (as a child; low profile – worn pinned now), med. length thick golden hair (dyed brown), golden eyes, tattoo of the Stone Hand order on left shoulder
Aptitude: Kinetic 1, Faith 1, Magic 1 + indoctrinated to cult of Ezrilus, goddess of magic

STA 6; +1 CS
RSN 6; +1 CS
WPR 2; -1 CS


Good Luck, Equipment, Short Fuse, Tithe (10%; guild), tithe (10% church), Compulsion: Honesty, Chi Pool, Mana Pool, Synergy Pool, Mentor: Paul Dorn, Conviction 1


Combat: Melee 1, Evade 2, Propel 1+1
Magic: Math 1, Mana Sense 1+1, Botany 1+1
Lore: Undead 1+1, Karolak 3+1, Streetwise 1+1, Occult 1+1, Demonology 1+1
Langs: Mercat 2+1, Gladnorean 3+1/2+1, Feyloise 1+1/1+1


RESILIENCE = Size 10 × 5 = 50
EC = 40
Familiarities: Spear/Javelin, Staff


Mana = 36 / Cannot use spells directly
preliminary studies: Parlor Tricks
Apprentice Bound Scrolls @8: Torchlight x2, Pumice Shield (PR= 5 x level) x2, Flame Hand (ALU x2 – touch), Discern Metal
Periaptery of Pumice Shield; +1 – bronze ring
Occult Lore reference Library; +1 CS (usually stored in guild hall)

Faith (Ezrilus)

Synergy = 5 / Blessings 2
Holy Water x1, Candle of favor (3 hours; 1 measure)


Weapons: lt. Staff/Spear (tip is covered in padded tip) w/shod butt end (1 total damage/1 CS ease)
Armor: leather jerkin (3/24)
Satchel: 1 pt poultice x 10, 10 x ointment = medical aid check +1; 10 x stench powder (wpr +4 resist/-1 CS nausea)

Necklace with badge of office for Order of stone Hand
Bracers with bronze sacred images of Ezrilus

Typical garb: brown linen trousers, white tunic, red/yellow/brown (Ezrilus) serape, wide brimmed hat (to help cover the ears and shade eyes – close inspection will reveal), brown leather boots, belt with large pouch (scrolls) & small pouch (candle + water)


Bedford was the first recruit Paul made when he opened the guild hall in Karolak. He was introduced through connections as the temple of Ezrilus and Paul sensed his minor magical talents. While he will never be a full fledged magus, his minor aptitude makes him a perfect witch-finder… someone who can detect the traces and presence of magic. This makes him ideal as a spy and security officer in the guild. He apprenticed himself to Paul and developed the ability to read simple apprentice formula as a bound apprentice. Paul always keeps him stocked with a few scrolls and can often supplement his abilities on missions with specific apprentice powers if needed.

Paul also encouraged him to formally indoctrinate himself with the faith of Exrilus. Bedford worships the goddess more as a maiden of mystery and wonder than strictly magical power. Bedford sees his magic as a strange gift and the goddess as its source.

Paul insisted he learn weapons training too – part of the credo of the stone Hand is a martial prowess unlike most other orders. He uses a spear as a staff mostly, but can go deadly if needed. He takes his job very seriously, and the guild has given him a sense of purpose and identity – he is very loyal.

Bedford Goslin

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